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‘Plant Paint Cross-Pollinate’ is a public art migrating mural project focused on the importance of native plants to pollinators and ecosystem health through collaborative community art events led by artist Jenn Houle. In Jan-Feb 2023, the public collaborated on fifteen large-scale butterfly murals at ‘Plant and Paint’ events, while planting native seeds to take home. In May-Oct 2023 the ‘Butterfly Mural Migration’ activates the communities’ conservation land to inspire eco-friendly land care.

Visit this interactive map to view the locations of the Butterfly Mural Migration!

In January & February 2023, residents of seven Massachusetts communities created 15 of the butterfly signs at Plant and Paint workshops where participants planted and kept the seeds of native pollinator-friendly species, collected by local garden and environment groups and Project Coordinator Jenn Houle. The remaining 5 butterfly signs will be painted by Houle from May - Oct, as she renders examples from each of the five lepidopterous families native to Massachusetts, and focusing on the plants that they feed, nest, pupate, and metamorphose on. These signs will be released into the ongoing migration on June 1, July 1, August 1, Sept 1 & Oct 1.

The Butterfly Mural Migration is touring from May 2023 - October 2023 throughout Amesbury, Groveland, Haverhill, Lawrence, Merrimac, Newbury and West Newbury on public conservation land, at public libraries, and around local schools. Signs citing project sponsors aid in raising awareness about native plants, eco-friendly gardening practices and resources available to the host communities.