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Sun eaters, pollen seekers
Sun eaters, pollen seekers
Acrylic on paper
24"x30" (each panel is 24"x14.75" with 3/8" gap between them)

As a visual artist I explore energy cycles in the natural world, inspired by a love of nature and a drive to help preserve it. ‘Sun eaters, pollen seekers’ highlights figures of native pollinators and the native plants that they consume, nest, pupate, and metamorphose on. They are healing icons meant to encourage positive change.

I begin by researching each pollinator and its food and host plants. In addition to painting these pieces I am growing the plants in my own pollinator gardens, collecting and sharing their seeds. In year one I was lucky to spot 3 Monarch caterpillars! These pieces are also a recording of native habitats, celebrating local New England beauty. Through my work I offer a playful, earnest, and personal reflection of our interconnection to fellow living beings on this fragile blue planet.