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grizzly bear, law of conservation of energy, bugs, insects1.	Book Louse 2.	Ant Lion 3.	Praying Mantis 4.	Scale Insect 5.	Skipper 6.	Punkie No-See-Um 7.	Aphid 8.	Ground Beetle 9.	Dragonfly 10.	Black Swallowtail Butterfly 11.	Red Ant 12.	Bug Louse 13.	Austr
"Bug Bear (we were all something once, will be again and so on)"
Watercolor on Paper

This painting examines the Law of Conservation of Energy, the fact that energy cannot be recreated or destroyed. In this piece, I have imagined that upon the death of an organism the particles reorganize to form different species. The bear is becoming bugs, or all the bugs are forming to become a bear. The piece has an accompanying “Bug Bear Identification Guide" which is a drawing and a printed list that identifies all 139 insects in the "Bug Bear" painting.